Importance and meaning of each color of Rose on Rose Day 2017 | Red, Yellow, White, Green

Hello LoveBirds,

How are you? From my side every thing is awesome and I hope same from your side. As we all are known Valentine's week is coming and Rose day 2017 is the principal day of the Valentine's week. Rose flowers represents the symbol of love, appreciation, affection, etc. There are many colors roses available. Each color of rose represents the different meaning. Here I would like to explain the meaning for different color roses. It is going to be very interesting, so I recommend you to go through this article. It will be helpful for you to express your love and impress your valentine.

Meaning of Rose colors on Rose Day & HD images of Roses

Red Rose

Red rose is for deep love and romance. You can gift it to your wife or husband. It also represents Sincere love and respect.

Yellow Rose

The yellow rose is for friendship. It stand for friendship, joy and even used as ‘get well soon’ message. 

Lavender Rose

The Lavender Rose represents majesty, enhancement and love at first sight. 

Pink, Light Pink Rose

Pink color rose represents gratitude, appreciation, and love towards you are gifting it. While Light pink roses symbolize the admiration and gentleness. It also can be used to express the sympathy. 

White Rose

White rose is for the purity and innocence. You can present a white rose on day you have fight with your friend to show your love and sympathy. This kind of action changes your rudeness, ego, jealousy between them. 

Orange Rose

Orange roses represents enthusiasm. You can gift orange rose to your valentine to motivate her for hard work. If you are husband and your wife is working women working hard for you and family you can present orange rose to her so as to motivate for everything she is doing for you.

Black Rose

Well, the black rose represents Death, sadness or loss. It is very difficult to find. It is not at all a good sign to present black rose to your beloved one's on this occasion as it symbolizes hate, death, sadness and all such negative vibes.

Green Rose

Green Rose if for representing Life, abundant growth, cheerfulness. It symbolizes the harmony, growth, fertility, peace and tranquillity. Green roses are for best wishes to start a new phase of life.

Happy Rose Day 2017 Celebrations

The second week of February is highlighted as Valentine's week. The first day of this week is the Rose day, then comes the propose day,kiss day, and so on. And then the final day of this is Valentine’s Day, the most awaiting day by love birds around the world.  Valentine week is celebrated in the memory of St. Valentine. It symbolizes love and affection and is celebrated by the youths as well as interested people of any age group. It is basically the event of western culture but now we all are celebrating it in all regions of the country. Apart from presenting roses to your loved one's you can also send happy rose day 2017 wishes to your beloved one's. We have compiled an awesome collection of rose day wishes for girlfriend and boyfriend. So, you can copy and send wishes from there with a cute rose day special pic to wish them happy rose day. But if you are planning to gift rose to your love then you now know the meaning of each color of rose on rose day so choose wisely.


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